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Understanding Food Safety

Safe food is defined as food free of contamination which prevents the risk of Food-Bourne ailments. Understanding the requirements and regulations for "Food Safety is very important in food processing industries; Ineffective Food safety programs and disobeying food safety regulations can affect food production processes  Keeping food safe requires daily quality checks  to ensure all company, customer, and regulatory specifications and requirements are maintained, and appropriate documentation to meet safe quality food (SQF), and hazard analysis critical control points (HACCP). 


 Keeping food safe also requires the monitoring of pre-op and operational sanitation compliance and records, monitoring 
 good manufacturing processes for compliance, and working with production on deviations/hold documentation for out of specification material a

Quality As You See can support your manufacturing processes in "keeping food safe".  Quality As You See It has the knowledge and experience in food manufacturing quality assurance standards, audits, and food safety regulations, laboratory testing methods, environmental and statistical process control monitoring and analysis. 


Regulatory Compliance

Quality As You See It has strong working knowledge of regulatory compliance – FDA, HACCP, SQF

Safety Audits

Food Safety Audits are key in verifying the proper handling and processing of food. The NSF perorms thousands of food audits each year, but it is the responsiblity of the manufacturer in taking extra steps in making sure the food they are producing is safe. Conducting safety audit requires the competency and skills in understaning food regulations and the use of quality monitoring tools in controlling, containing and correcting  process devations. Quality As You See It has  experience with food and facility audits/inspections including customer and 3rd party. 

Quality Control Testing

Quality As You See It has extensive knowledge of quality and food safety methods and techniques, quality assurance standards, food laboratory testing methods and operations, and statistical process control techniques 


 Quality As You See It has the experience in performing metal detector checks in ensuring the proper operation of detectors; conducting hazard analysis, identifying critical control points, establishing corrective actions and detailed records of processes, testing, and deviations. 


Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring is a necessary step in keeping our food safe. Food Bourne bacteria such as Listeria, salmonella and staphylococcus Aureus can invade our food during the production process and can cause severe ailments in the consumer. Quality As You See It has the knowledge in understanding how, when and where these bacteria can affect product(s) during the production process; and effectively carrying out environmental monitoring processes, containment, investigations and implementing effective CAPA. 

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