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Clinical Research

Clinical Research is essential in pharmaceutical and health care in understanding the safety and effect of medicine for human use.  Clinical Research involves clinical trial study participants that follow a pre-defined protocol in the evaluation of the effects of a new drug on health outcomes of humans.  These experimental drugs help others by contributing to medical research. 

In conducting a clinical trial, one must be skilled in collecting and analyzing clinical research data, working with IRB and regulatory agencies, and can provide continued support to patients, clinical teams, and investigators throughout the trial period. Quality As You See It has experience in coordinating and conducting clinical research studies and can support your business throughout the design, implementation, monitoring and close-out of clinical trials. 

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are connected to clinical research and involves the monitoring of subjects throughout four phases of the trial.  Clinical Trials experts can serve as a primary liaison on safety issues and reporting procedures with IRB, OSR, or other international organizations and are normally required to have vast knowledge in GCP, Clinical Quality Assurance or other GXP related knowledge.  Quality As You see it has the experience and knowledge in conducting and monitoring Clinical Trials and is well-versed in regulations that govern health care and pharmaceutical clinical trials. 


Regulatory Affairs

Business must ensure they are compliant in meeting all applicable regulations of the drug and product development process. Regulatory professionals play a key role in all aspects of the drug and product development process. They are essential in completing required documentation and providing input when legislative changes take place.   Quality as you see it can support your business in the evaluation of products for compliance with regards to regulations that govern those products and ensure applicable legal, regulatory, and ISO requirements are integrated into procedures and continuously monitor and implement regulatory updates and changes required to assure compliance.

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