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Chemical Analysis and Quality Control

Chemical Testing and Analysis

Chemical Analysis is essential in consistently meeting the requirements of industry standards and regulations and producing a product that meets customer requirements. Chemical Analysis can be used in identifying a material substance and its composition during research and development or may be used in the chemical analysis of raw materials, in-process, and finished products, including products used in stability studies to promote product safety, quality, and process control.  


Knowledge in the preparation of samples and analysis of complex steps using analytical techniques, such as Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry, High-performance liquid chromatography, Mass spectrometry, while adhering to dedicated written procedures and policies are essential in conducting and reporting accurate results in a timely manner. Quality As You See It has the skills, knowledge and experience to support your company in product chemical testing, analysis, and out-of-spec investigations. 

Deviation Investigation

 In-depth deviation investigations are critical in understanding root-causes and implementing effective corrective actions. Writing an investigation report can be a daunting task if effective root-cause doesn’t go as planned. The failure to adequately investigate deviations leads to more problems. Effective root cause analysis, gathering evidence and ensuring a sustainable corrective action is key to a proper deviation investigation.   From a quality perspective, effective root cause analysis reports should contribute to product and process understanding and help prevent recurrences from occurring in the future. Quality As You See It has extensive experience to support your organization in quality investigations, using quality tools to implement effective root causes and corrective actions. 

Quality Control

Customers depend on products that consistently exceed or meet their satisfaction. variability in processes make it difficult to achieve the consistency customers require. The quality control process uses required procedures and methods intended to ensure that a manufactured product, material, or service adheres to a defined set of quality criteria with aims of meeting the requirements of the client or customer. During the quality control process, products and materials are generally sampled, inspected, tested, and measured against required regulations and company procedures and work instructions. Quality As You See it has the experience to support your manufacturing processes in the inspection, investigation, analysis of SPC data, and resolving issues as related to documented procedures and processes to maintain the consistency in delivering a quality product that the customer desires. 

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