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To survive a completive market, automobile and parts manufactures must maintain customer satisfaction by consistently delivering a quality product. Meeting customer requirements while maintaining customer satisfaction can be particularly challenging for some businesses. In meeting the demand of customer satisfaction, quality must be established during design and maintained through the proper control of the manufacture of product and continued through the product's warrant lifetime of performance and service.

New Product Development

With the rapid shift in new markets, the need for new product development is of essence. The development of new products from the concept stage to development requires solid knowledge in technological advances and internal and external issues that affect your market.  Automotive product design, meeting industry regulations and end user performance is necessary in delivering a product that meets customer satisfaction. Downstream, during the prototype/ production phase; PPAP, APQP, 8D PFMEA, Control Charts, Inspection and control plans must be developed and controlled throughout this phase. requirements. Quality as you see it has the experience sound knowledge in supporting your projects during the new product development and production phases. 

 PPAP (Production Part Approval Process)

PPAP helps to detect issues, defects and eliminate safety risk that may occur in the beginning production phases of new product development.  PPAP provides increased confidence in supplier product quality and meeting customer requirements by providing evidence of a reliable, and repeatable process during development, and validation of the part and its production process. Quality As You See It can support your organization in Coordinating new product launches for PPAP development and throughout the PPAP submission process. 


Unfortunately, processes are bound to come with errors, and effective analysis such as PFMEA (Process Failure Mode Effect Analysis) will need to occur. PFMEA is a structured approach used to identify and evaluate potential failures and their affiliated causes. The purpose of implementing a PFMEA is to address these potential failures and act to eliminate or reduce them. To be effective and efficient in implementing, and evaluating a PFMEA, a solid understanding of your processes, determining what failures could occur a and how to resolve issues from the analysis are necessary. Quality As You See It has the experience in the implementation, analysis, and monitoring of PFMEA and can support your business in resolving issues that occur throughout the analysis. 



Customer Support

In a competitive driven market, such as the automotive industry, excellent customer support is necessary to achieve a high-score in customer satisfaction. Many issues can occur throughout the manufacturing process; exhibiting the proper knowledge and in how to correct these issues, while maintaining a close relationship with the customer is essential for continued support from the customer.  Quality As You See It has the professionalism, knowledge and experience in providing premier customer support and expertise in quality customer interface to proactively assure that customer requirements are understood and consistently met. 

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