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AS9100 Rev D Quality Management System

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One of the major concerns of customers is that their supplier has a good quality management system. A good quality management system has been proven to increase operations, performance and decrease cost. Quality As You See It is an experienced professional in the execution, development, implementation and continued improvement of the AS9100 Rev D Quality Management Systems 

Contract Review

As a supplier, it is important to understand all relevant conditions of a contract.  It takes expert knowledge in reviewing and understanding all facets of a contract, and any changes made that could affect compliance and quality of products and processes. Quality As You See It has the experience in working with legal teams in the review, implementation, and correction of contracts, and assuring  your company stays compliant in meeting all phases of the contract. 

Process Control

Supplier Audits

 Second-party audits identify nonconformances in supplier/shipment processes. Audits are an important part of a supplier-customer relationship in measuring vendor performance.  Customers expect their suppliers are meeting the compliance to the Quality requirements that are flowed down to them, with aims of consistently delivering quality products. Quality As You See It has the experience in supporting supplier audits, and in contributing and driving the investigation, and elimination of internal and external quality problems using applicable problem solving techniques in determining, Root Cause and Corrective/Preventive Action solutions, along with Verification actions.

Monitoring & Measuring Quality Objectives

ISO9001 requires organizations to evaluate the performance and effectiveness of its Quality Management System. Collecting, evaluating, and acting upon quality metrics is an effective way of managing your organizations overall performance, and is important for businesses in assessing customer satisfaction. Quality Objectives should be measured and monitored for all aspects of organizations programs.   Businesses who want to take their business to the next level must understand what to collect, how to measure and when to monitor and act on their quality objectives.  Quality As You See It can support your Quality Management System in the determination, creation, collection, monitoring, evaluation and analysis of your organizations quality metrics. 

Document Control

To ensure compliance to ISO/AS9200 standards and the maintenance of quality management systems, businesses must have a refined document control system in place.  Documented procedures define the controls needed to maintain an effective and efficient quality management system. Maintaining up-to-date Process Instructions, Data Collection Sheets, Inspection Records and other engineering and quality system documents, and distribution as required, can be a cumbersome task.  Businesses must understand the development, implementation and maintenance of document control and its relevance to quality management systems. Quality as you see it has the experience and can provide the support, upkeep, control, and maintenance of your quality management documentation and in investigating and correcting document control issues in your daily processes and operations. 

AS9100 Lead Auditor

As a AS9100 Lead Auditor, Quality As you See It can provide expert knowledge in the training and support of internal and external audits. 

Quality Inspection Support

Customers expect that their suppliers ensure the parts and components manufactured or serviced conform to their requirements and meet industry standards. Aerospace manufacturers must have a good understanding of their regulations / requirements and standards desired, as related to quality control requirements for the manufacture of affiliated products and their related components to meet customer requirements/ satisfaction and quality management system requirements. Quality As You See It has experience in performing visual inspection on product throughout the production phase and knowledge and importance of quality management system and customer requirements for the quality control of products. 

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