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Is Quality Perfect?

Striving For Perfection

As humans, we are not perfect, neither is quality, at least not at the start. As humans, we learn by experience, then wisdom, then the road to perfecting what we have learned. Quality sometimes follows the same method.


As humans, we move ahead, then there are experiences that push us back. Being that we are human, we sometimes want to give up. If we take our experiences and learn from them, we continue to move towards our perfect state.  The same for Quality, if we look back at our mistakes; e.g., nonconformances; not following processes, improper training, not meeting requirements, etc., we can correct these mistakes, learn from them, and follow the road to perfecting quality. 


When implementing quality, It may not be perfect the first time; with hard work and wisdom, quality will be perfected over time. 




By Rhonda Tanabe

B.S., M.E. Industrial Engineer


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