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Quality Control System

 A quality control system is used to detect errors and to ensure the reliability and accuracy of manufacturing processes. 

During the manufacture of a product, errors can occur that are not visible until the final product is produced.  To control undesirable variation in your process, it is necessary to understand and take the appropriate action to ensure the output of your process is performing at the desired level, and your final product meets all requirements and specifications. 

Quality As You See It can support your business throughout the source inspection phase, and in understanding the data behind your processes, while taking action to contain and resolve issues as needed. 

Control Charts 

Dr. Walter A. Shewhart developed the fundamentals of Statistical Process Control. The SPC chart is a powerful tool that is used to monitor variation in processes. When points on a control chart move outside the upper or lower control limit, the process is said to be out of control.   Many factors can make a process go out of control; when there is an out of control point, it means that there is a special cause of variation present. When your process goes out of control, it is important to have sound knowledge in finding the reason for the special cause, and to eliminate this cause.  

Quality As You See It has worked with businesses in investigating out-of-tolerance processes, while using applicable statistical process tools and software. 

Change Control

A change control process is an effective way of managing changes to a document, product, or system. Establishing an effective change control process is necessary in the approval, review, and update of all changes to critical documents and processes within the scope of the Quality Management System.  Quality As You See It can support your organizations change control process to ensure your processes continues to run smooth.


Quality Management System Control

The overall analysis of the entities that make-up your businesses processes, resources, facility, storage, logistics etc., is necessary for the review and evaluation of factors that can have a direct impact on the performance of your everyday Quality Management System. Quality As You See It has the knowledge and experience in collecting, reviewing and analyzing the current state of your businesses quality management system and the factors that may impact this system.

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