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Quality As You See It is a Quality Assurance Engineering Independent Consulting Service founded by Rhonda Cooke-Tanabe. Quality As You see it was founded on the principle of compliance; helping industries stay complaint is her main goal.  


Quality As You See It has over 10 years of quality experience in diverse industries. Her success has been contributed to her ability to quickly adapt to, and work with diverse groups, regulations, requirements, and processes. Her educational background portrays extensive training and knowledge in engineering, scientific and technical principles. This training and knowledge has given her the ability to present, research and display information in diverse environments, while delivering accurate and precise information. 


Quality As You See It is well versed in regulations in the Automobile, Chemical,  Pharmaceutical, Aerospace & Defense, Food manufacturing, and Health care industries. 


Quality As You See It is looking forward to working with your business in your quality assurance/control and engineering endeavors. 



Curriculum Vitae


M.E. Industrial Engineering: University of Louisville

B.S. in Industrial Engineering: University of Louisville

B.S. Chemistry: University of Louisville



BSI AS9100 Rev C Lead Auditor

IPC -   J-STD-001



AS9100 Rev D: Lead Audotr


The beginning years of Rhonda's work history has been in the healthcare field, from pathology, neurology, and cardiology, to applications in clinical research; and quality control, in the chemical and ethanol industries.   Her experience in the field has been exciting and has had a significant effect on involvement with diverse groups of people, solving diverse issues. Rhonda has seen these industries grow in amazing ways; through technology, medical applications, and global outsourcing, and  have also seen industries struggle with major issues; such as, increased cost, preventive maintenance, timely delivery of products, quality control, and meeting compliance with mandatory regulations.  Recently, due to economic concerns, the healthcare sector along with other industries have been looking for ways to eliminate waste, reduce cost and increase capital, but to a greater part, stay compliant with the rules and regulations that govern their industry.  


Rhonda's most recent experience has been in the pharmaceutical, chemical, aerospace & defense and Automotive industries; most recent titles held; Sr. Quality Engineer, Validations Engineer, Lead Quality Auditor, and PPAP Engineer.


Each experience, through work or education, has motivated Rhonda to become more involved and excited to work with organizations in meeting their quality needs. 


ISO/AS9100 Certified Lead Auditor


Quality Management System


Contract Review


Certified Lead Auditor

Quality As you See it can support your business in creating, implementing, training and conducting,  and  maintaining internal audits and affiliated quality management systems, and in supporting 2nd and 3rd party audits. 


Quality Management System

Quality As You See It offers consultancy across a diverse range of industries and can help your business deliver fast, high quality results.


Contract Review

Quality As You See it can support your legal team in the contract review and analysis of quality system requirement and regulations to help keep your business complaint during the implementation, production and delivery of products. 

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